Client: The General Ports and Lights Administration
Construction period: 1973 — 1978
The new port at Misurata opened in 1978 was completely built by IVAN MILUTINOVIC. The first stage development consisted of:
— two breakwaters totalling over 3 km in length,
— four deep water general cargo berths,
— dredging 0.7 million m3 of sand, cemented sand and limestone
— reclamation of 1.9 million m3, and
— two transit sheds and one warehouse with port offices, workshops, a canteen, an animal shed, police and customs offices, roads and services etc.


Construction period: 1973-1978
The north and the east breakwaters of 1.4 and 1.8 km in length respectively, are built directly on the sea bed to the depths of 13 m. Their construction consists of a stone core in the range from 2 kg to 2 t, a secondary armouring of 2-4 t stone and a primary armouring of precast concrete tetrapods 6.3. m5 (15 t) and 10 m3 (24 t). Stones were obtained from a quarry 100 km away from the site.

Client: The General Ports and Lights Administration
Construction period: 1968—1973
The extension of the existing harbour at Benghazi, Libya, was entrusted to IVAN MILUTINOVIC.
The works comprised the following main items:
— Construction of the breakwaters,
— Dredging (3 million m3) and reclamation (9.7 million m3)
— Construction of the quay walls (4240 m)
— Roads, services, installations and navigational aids

Client: The Government of Libya, Council
Construction period: 1978-1980
IVAN MILUTINOVIC designed and built berthing facilities at the following locations along the Libyan coast: Abu Khammash, Marsa Zuaga (two) Zanzur, Khoms, Zrik, Sirt, Benghazi, Tolmeida and Ein Gazala. For the Benghazi fishing harbour the following facilities have been provided:
— vertical berths 245 m long
— a floating landing stage
— a travel-lift 200 kN lifting capacity.
- a repair workshop, offices, a cold storrage, etc. For other berthing facilities the natural lagoons were used. The Fishing jetties provided at these locations are 6 m wide and about 50 m long. All seven jetties are designed as prefabricated Steel structures on the tubular steel piles.

Client: Government of Libya, Conncil for Food Affairs and Marine Wealth Completion
The fishing harbour at Misurata is located inside the main harbour. In order to provide sheltered waters for fishing boats, inner breakwater 350 m long was built. The breakwater also provides an access to four jetties branching from the breakwater. The breakwater ends with a gravity wall 60 m long. This wall also serves for berthing fishing boats on the inner side. Fishing harbour at Misurate were designed and built by IVAN MILUTINOVIC on "turn key" basis. The job comprised following items:
— Administration building;
— Fishing hall;
— Equipment store;
— Workshop;
— Travelift 200 kN capacity;
— Water supply installation including the water tower and the pumping station;
— Electrical installations;
— Fuel installations etc.

Project: Misurata Port Phase 2, Libya Employer: The Ministry of Traffic and MarineTransport
Construction period: 1984-1996
The Enterprise for Waterways IVAN MILUTINOVIC - PIM Belgrade, Yugoslavia
The second stage development consisted of:
— Eleven deep water general cargo berth
— Rock works 1.2 million m3
— Dredging 3.8 million m3 of sand, cemented sand and limestone,
— Reclamation of 2.2 million m3
— Shipyard
— Oil jetty
— Fishing harbour
— Five transit sheds, two warehouses with port offices, workshops, a canteen and other facilities.

Client: The Ministry of electricity, Tripoli Construction
Construction period: 1978-1979
As a member of the international consorcium formed for the construction of the Horns Power Plant (other members: Babcock--Germany, SIDEM — France, Budimex--Poland). IVAN MILUTINOVIC has, anong other items, built the oil jetty. The jetty consists of a 1475 m long approach, a jetty head and two mooring dolphins with the quick release hooks 250 t capacity. The jetty approach is a com posit structure supported by pairs of tubular steel 1:7 raker piles 900 mm dia. The pile bents are at 25 m and 20 m centres. The jetty head and dolphins consist of the R.C. caps on the tubular steel piles. The fendeing system consists of the steel "H" piles and rubber fenders. The jetty approach roadway is 3,00 m wide with two walkways 0.75 m wide. For the construction of this jetty, a self-elevating platform was used in order to overcome the difficulties caused by the rough sea with waves over 7 m high. Using the modern construction equipment for the construction of the approach an average monthly progress of 175 m was achieved.

Client: The Iraqi Ports Administration Construction
Construction period: 1976-1978
The works included design and construction of the following:
- a berth 280 m long for 25,000 DWT ships
- two 36x120 m warehouses
- buildings: administration building, fire and ambulance station
- roads, open stocking areas (about 100,000 m2)
- water supply system, drainage and sewerage
- the electrical installations, including two 1000 KVA
substations, external lighting, power supply for cranes, cathodic protection, fire alarm system, telephone and intercom system.
The project was completed on the "turn key" basis.
The berth was designed as a relieving platform supported on five rows of the tubular steel piles 900 and 700 mm dia.
The deck is 95% precast, including fender brackets

Project: Kirkuk Irigation Project, Iraq
Employer:Ministry for Irigation, Iraq Completion Time: 1981-1986
Contractor:The Enterprise for Waterways "IVAN MILUTINOVIC" - PIM, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Designer: SOGREAH - Grenoble, France
Consultants: SOGREAH - Grenoble, France
The Projects:
- CONTRACT C11B - Three Pump Station Kirkuk
- CONTRACT C52 - Dibbis Reservoir Desilting
- CONTRACT - Canal Escavation
- CONTRACT -Off-Takes 21W & 22w and Spillway 31E
The Works:
- Pump Stations SSI, SSIII, SSIII, including pipelines, total length 63 000 m
- Off Takes 21 W & 22 W and Spillway 31 E
- Earthworks of the Feder Canal
- Dibbis Reservoir Desilting - Steel Sheet Pile Curtain
Main Works - Total Works Executed
- Earthworks (excavation and filling) 1,000,000 m3
- Concrete works 60,000 m3
- Reinforcement 2,300,000 kg
- Fabrication and laying of pipelines 53,000 m
- Sheet piles driving 8,000 m2
- Roads 26,000 m
Project Description:
The following works have been executed:
- Civil works, manufacture, supply and instalation of Electrical and Mechanical equipment for three F ump Station.

Client: The Bangladesn Steel Engineering & Shipbuilding Corp.
Construction period: 1973-1977
Within the framework of the industrial development of Bangladesh IVAN MILUTINOVIC has designed the Chittagong shipbuilding yard. The dockyard is located at the mouth of the Karnafuli River. The dockyard comprises two dry docks with the following characteristics:
Dock 1 - useful length 182.8, museful width27.4 m , height 13.1 m
Dock 2 - useful length 248.1 m, museful width 28.6 m , height 10.7 m


The biggest commercial port in Kuwait and one of the biggest ports in the Middle East was built in Shuwaikh by IVAN MILUTINOVIC.
The Shuwaikh Port development included the following work under separate contracts: - Western Extension - Eastern Extension and two jetties - a Dockyard with syncrolift system and - 14 Dolphins

Client: The Municipality of Kuwait
Supervision Consultants:Brian Colquhoun & Partners in assocation with Al Marzouk & Abi - Hanna w.q.q and Corderoy International Limited
Designers: Sasaki Associates Inc. with Ghazi Sultan and Kuwaiti Engineers Office
Contractor Phases 1 and 2: Consortium Joint Venture IVAN MILUTINOVIC - PIM, Leader Marine works and International Contraction Group - ICG, Kuwait, Building works
Construction time: 1982 -1987
The waterfront Project involves developing 21 km of coastline around the main area of Kuwait City, extended from Shuwaikh in the West to Ras Al Ardh in the East. The Project is divided into five Phases each with its own major activity area. Work began with construction of Phase 1 on April 1982, and Phase 2 in March 1984.

Client: The Kuwait Shipbuilding &Repairyard Co
Construction period: 1976-1977 (18 months)
Works carried out by PIM included:
- a synchrolift 2000 t lifting capacity
- eight ship berths and a side transfer
- a single pile guide dolphin for the floating
- four crane tracks
- the shipbuilding shop foundation on piles


The synchrolift consists of two piers designed as R.C. platforms supported on the tubular steel piles 508 and 815 mm dia. The piers pairs of winches. The left pier is 10 m by 96 m long and the right pier is 26 m by 100 m long. It carries a 300 kN crane. For this job 31 200 m prestressed concrete piles were driven for the foundation of the beams, in addition to 8400 m steel piles for the synchrolift piers.

Project: Port of Jask, Iran
Employer: The Ministry of Defense and Logistics of Armed Forces, Engeneering Department
Construction period: 1986 - 1988
Contractor: The Enterprise for Waterways IVAN MILUTINOVIC - PIM, Belgrade,Yugoslavia
Designer: PIM - Project, Belgrade
Consultants: The Ministry of Defense and Logistics of Armed Forces, Engineering Department
The works included design and construction of the following:
- main and lee breakwater
- dredging and reclamation 165.000 m3
- gravity quay wall 125 m
- access road
- stock yards
- infrastructures for port operation

Total length of main and lee breakwaters is 1425m.
Consist of:
- core stone 1 kg - 400 kg
- under layer stone 1 t - 2 t
- armour rock 1 t - 14 t
Total quantity of stone is 350.000 m3 manufactured in our quarry in Fujeirah ( United Arab Emirates ) and transported by barges capacity 15.000 t.

Client: the Dockyard Veljko Vlahovic - Bijela
Consulting Engineers: Prestressed Concrete,Beograd
Completion time: 1973
The jetty is designed for berthing 100 000 DWT vessels. The jetty deck carries a crane with a capacity of 15 t at 25 m and a distributed load of 1 m/m2.
The jetty platform consists of two prestressed beams of 17.2 m span and the precast concrete deck slabs 18 cm thick. The berth is supported on the tubular steel piles 800 mm dia. Provision is made for the compressed air, oxygen, acetylene, potable and industrial water, electric power and telephone. The cylindrical rubber fenders 1000 mm dia 1750 mm long are provided at18 m centres.


Construction period: 1981 - 1982
All berths in the shipyard Bijela, except for the fitting-out jetty, were destroyed in the 1979 earthquake.The construction of all the new berths was entrusted to IVAN MILUTINOVIC, which carried out the following construction works:
- a fitting-out berth 180 m long,
- an access platform to the floating docks,
- shore protection and land reclamation,
- the pile foundation for the workshops.
The fitting-out berth structure is similar to that of the jetty, but with the 9 m spans. The access platform is a reinforced concrete structure supported on the tubular steel piles.


Designed and constructed for river/sea tankers 4200 DWT; Oil Terminal capacity is 6.000.000 tons/year

Client: Direkcija za izgradnju hidrosistemaDTD, Novi Sad.
DTD , the biggest Yugoslav irrigation and navigation system, is situated in the Province of Vojvodina. Owing to the functioning of this system, Vojvodina has become the most developed and advanced agricultural part of Yugoslavia. The DTD hydrosystem has solved many problems of water economics in Vojvodina, for example: drainage, irrigation, land reclamation, navigation, traffic and transport, etc. The above hydrosystem has provided the following:
- Flood control 760. 000 ha
- Irrigation of 520. 000 ha
- Land reclamation of 360. 000 ha
- Navigable canals 508 km
The DTD hydrosystem consists of:
- The main canal network and
- Local irrigation and amelioration systems.
Total length of the main canal network is 572 km. The average excavated profile has a surface of about 200 sq.m. Total quantity of the earth works is 130 million cu.m. compared to 75 million at the Suez canal.


Client: Direkcija za izgradnju Novog Beograda.
Situated at the junction of two rivers, the Danube and the Sava, Belgrade has for many centuries fortified its walls, turning its back to its rivers and remaining isolated on the adjacent hill. The new era of unprecedented development witnessed in Yugoslavia after World War II set new trends in the urban development of the city of Belgrade, opening the city walls and spreading across the rivers.
2006 – february 2009.

Main activities of enterprise "Ivan Milutinovic"- PIM is the execution of hydroengineering works.

PIM has 50 years of experience in the field of designing and execution of hydroengineering projects, in our country as well as abroad:

The activities of IVAN MILUTINOVIC can be clasified into the following three groups:

- execution of capital investment projects

- Production and distribution of building materials, and

- Specialized services: water transport, under-water work, design and consulting, engineering services, plant maintenance

We dispose with our own quarry, water transportation means (barges, self-propelled vessels, scows, motor tugs and pushers…)

In the course of the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 the following works were performed on construction of embankments:
- Reconstruction of protective right embankments and revetment of the Danube River in Zemun from 1173+350 km to 1173+700 km - Employer Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia. Performance of additional works on the reconstruction of protective right- revetment and embankment on the Danube River from 1173+350 km to 1173+700 km - Employer "Srbijavode".

- Raising of revetments and reconstruction of the existing ones, on the section Veliko Gradiste – Tekija.The works were particularly intensified in the past three years - Employer Hydraulic Power Plant Djerdap.

Donji Milanovac
Donji Milanovac
Embankment Golubinje
Embankment Golubinje
Embankment Tekija
Embankment Tekija

The works on the rehabilitation of the slope along the road Tekija - Mosna - D.Milanovac - Kozica are in progress.

Value of works : 110.857,00 €.

In addition to this, PIM is currently working on the installation and supply of stone ballast, broken stone and dredging of sand, on the project Bridge on the Sava River in Belgrade, at the top of the Ada Ciganlija island.

Total executed - EMBANKMENTS - value of 3.006.250,00 € in 2006, 2007 and 2008. year.

For the works on driving piles and planks from the water(Piles are foundations-supports in the construction of bridges, ports, transshipment plants, facilities erected above water, and the planks are used in the construction of dike dams, fencing off parts of the water surface which is to be dried, etc.) we dispose with the following assets: floating units ZICA and VIR, three ferries capacity from 80 to 120 tons, motor boats, Diesel, hydraulic and pneumatic drills.


In addition to the above, we also dispose with the assets used for all types of transshipment on water, for pulling out sunken objects: floating crane SOCA, capacity 100 tons, diving boat with complete equipment and divers, dredging pumps.

Works on lifting the Romanian barge
Lowering the structure from the Old

Driving piles and planks on the water was performed on the following facilities in the period 2006, 2007 and 2008:
- Driving piles in Kladovo - Employer "Delta" d.o.o.
- Driving planks on Ada island on the Tisa River - Employer "Intermost"
- Driving piles-rejectors in the harbor of Novi Sad
- Driving piles on the Danube in Belgrade
- Driving piles for the berth in Apatin‚
- Pontoon on the Sava River - driving piles - Employer "Srbijavode"

- Driving piles in Zemun - Employer "Nautika"

Please note that in addition to driving piles and planks from the water we also execute out on the land.

We have finished in later February 2008 driving of piles for the bridge on the Sava River - Sremska Raca. Works were contracted for driving Ψ 750 mm piles for making the yokes for the Bridge across the Sava River - Sremska Raca. Employer "Intermost".

- 16 piles driven in total, length19 m1
- Work commenced on February 19,2008.
- The term for driving was 15 days and the works were completed before the contracted term

The assets engaged to perform the complete
Work on driving piles from the water were:
- Floating unit ZICA
- Ferry JELEN
- Motor dredger HERKULES
- Diesel hammer with guide, 2 pcs

Value of performed works on driving piles and plates, in the period 2006, 2007 and 2008, amounts to 1.093.750,00 €.

Continuing the performance of works in its core business activity, PIM contracted on July 3, 2008 a job of designing and erection of jetty 2 of the Porto Montenegro marina in Tivat, with the Canadian company "Adriatic Marinas". The value of works is EUR 859,155. The works were completed in just 64 days, within an extremely short contracted term.

Works on the construction of International Passenger Port in Apatin are still in progress. The works were ordered by the Municipality Apatin, and the value of contracted works is 445.000,00 €.

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